Understanding the brain - love, stroke, vision, epilepsy, interaction

I magine. A world without Alzheimer’s. A world without Parkinson’s. The demise of cancer. Advances in brain and behavior research are allowing us to study these disorders and diseases in real time, and to push this work further, we’re taking a boundaryless approach. UCI’s world-renowned social scientists are conducting cognitive neuroscience research with experts in engineering, computer science and health to help us understand the brain’s inner workings and its relationship to behavior. They are also building and experimenting with new technologies and advances in data analysis that will drive future neuroimaging research. Designing next-generation machines, computers that work and think like the human brain, computational models of psychological processes, and ways to study the brain’s function and structure in action opens up vast territories for future research.

The following examples highlight how the study of brain and behavior - central to the social scientific enterprise - is helping us understand this most crucial part of what it is to be human. With your support for our Neuroscience Initiative, we’ll continue charting new courses for the understanding of communication disorders, diseases, and other brain conditions that impact our lives, loved-ones and communities. With your help, we’ll face them head on.


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